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Even with the best digitally filtered tapes a transcriptionist must listen for every word (or dropped word), syntax and inflection in order to provide the best quality transcription.  Todays' fast-paced individuals speak 260+ words on average per minute, which means having to listen, relisten, relisten, relisten.  A standard 60-minute digital audio takes four-plus hours of steady typing before proofing, so you can see how much work goes into just one hour of audio.  


People stutter, run words together, cough, sneeze, drop words at the ends of sentences, have accents, are shy, talk over each other, etc.   Therefore, the quality of the transcription is dependent upon the audio quality, where the microphone is placed (critical!! -- can't tell you how many tapes I've gotten from noisy restaurants or outdoor cafes), noises, quality of speaker, etc.  The clearer the tape, the quicker the turnaround!


I am an English-only transcriptionist but do well with many accents.  I have 20+ years of professional experience, and have transcribed most genres including:  legal, medical (with limitations as I am not certified), educational, interviews, oral histories, real estate, entertainment, historical, computer IT technology, religious, teleseminars, journalists, radio programs, publishers, marketing (a specialty), law enforcement, and much more.  I am not a "stable" of transcriptionists, but a freelancer who provides you with individualized attention and CONFIDENTIALITY.


What I provide:  (what outsourcing to non-English speaking transcriptonists often does not provide)

  • Names and spelling researched (I am a professional Wordsmith; with DSL/Internet I have quick access to references).  I ask the client to provide as much information as possible (the less time I have to spend researching spellings, the faster the work gets done).
  • Spellcheck + proofing document in your format (i.e., single-spaced, double-spaced, font preferences, time-stamping, etc.).  Or my format if none is provided.
  • I mark words that are inaudible or unsure of their spellings.
  • Document typed in Microsoft Word (universal).
  • I keep backups of all work in the event of lost or corrupted documents.
  • British spellings (also applicable to Australia).
  • Tracking (delineation of speaker name, male/female, etc.) if preferred.

Types of tapes:  Micro, macro, standard, MP3/MP4, WAV.  I recommend recording your audio for transcription at the highest quality possible; then convert it to MP3 for uploading.


Types of transference:  FTP, SendThisFile, YouSendIt, ShareFile (free services that allow users to send large files to anyone, anywhere).  There are many ways to get your files to me.  Please name your file in some unique way but with a name not longer than 25 characters. Uploaded files and folder may NOT contain the following characters: &, %, : or @


Turnaround:  I ask that you provide a turnaround time to fit your work into my schedule, and I do my best to get them back to you as quickly as possible.  All files are returned via e-mail as a Word attachment, unless otherwise specified.




Why charge per minute?

Charging a flat transcription rate for each recorded minute of audio keeps clients from being overcharged by page count, work hours, etc.  For example, a company that charges per word, i.e., $.01 x 260 words per minute = $2.60 x 60 minute tape = $156.00.  Or if a difficult tape takes 8 to 10 hours to transcribe ... well, do the math and don't be duped.  


Work is not released until payment is received (which is due immediately upon receipt of invoice).


Since 99% of my clients are global, I've had too many negative experiences with sending the work then not getting paid.  Out of sight, out of mind.   I sincerely appreciate your understanding


PayPal is the preferred method of payment as it's automatic.  Plus you can use it with your credit cards or checking account.


Should I send you my originals?

I encourage you to make a copy of your master tape (if not sending digitally) to protect against the chance it might be damaged or lost in shipping.  If you want the original tapes returned, I will charge the appropriate USPS Priority Mail rate on top of your bill, or you can include a pre-paid stamped return envelope.






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